GMT brick pallet for South Africa client


On 26th of June, 2023, we made the proforma invoice with our South Africa client for 1950 pieces of 1400*760*30mm GMT brick pallets with U steel channel;  then on 29th , we received the client’s first payment, his payment is very fast, because this is not his first buying from us.

The U type steel channel is made to strengthen the pallet loading bearing ability; this kind of brick pallet is mainly used for steam curing purpose concrete block plant.

Although Our client ordered the normal type fiber brick pallet, but to make it more stronger, we add 30% more black type glass fiber for him;

After 25 days production, we loaded the containers as expected time. The ship normally takes 30 days to arrive at Durban Port, South Africa. Wish the client have a good fortune after receiving our brick pallets;

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