GMT pallet White Yellow GY-004

The fiber brick pallet size can be customized, we have the moulds of most brick pallet sizes, if some special size pallet that there is not exist pallet mould, the MOQ for the fiber brick pallet is one 20 feet container quantity;

And The Fiber brick pallet delivery time is normally 25 days;

Why say fiber pallet is the best choice for block machine?

1 Smooth surface, flat, the fiber brick pallet is made to be a smooth and flat surface now, the size is very accurate, the size difference is within 1 mm; its surface is almost like PVC brick palelt surface.

2 Long life and Good durability, because the fiber brick pallet raw materials are containing much fiber and adhesive, so the brick pallet life can be 6 to 8 years; life is much longer than bamboo brick pallet, PVC brick pallet and wooden brick pallet;

3  Physical High strength, earthquake resistance, no deformation, also Light weight; the fiber brick pallet is similar with bamboo brick pallet density, but just 2/3 of PVC brick pallet;

4 Chemical characteristics: Anti rust, anti acid, blister resistance, anti water; these chemical characteristics are is like PVC brick pallet, better than bamboo plywood , wood pallet; also not like steel plate that rusts;

5 Fiber brick pallet has the characteristics of low and high temperature resistance, PVC brick pallet can get soft in high hot temperature and fragile in low cold weather.

6  Eco environment, because fiber pallet for block machine use is using car roof leftovers, so it is more friendly to our earth environment.

 Specifications of fiber brick pallet;

S/N Characteristics Technical Indicator Outstanding Performance Comparing with other Materials Pallet
1 Rigidity Elasticity Modulas     3.7 GPa No Deformation More Rigid than same thickness solid wood pallet
2 High Load Bearing Max load 2.0 kn,Bending Strength 51.0 MPa Stand big pressure, high load, and brings no rupture Higher Load Bearing than same thickness PVC and solid wood Pallet
3 Anti-abrasion Shore Hardness 72 Long Life Span Better Performance than plywood and bamboo wood Pallet
4 Anti-impact Withstand Impact of 20KJ/m2 Vibration Resistant, Anti-fall, and no Cracking Better Performance than plywood and solid wood Pallet
5 temperature Resistant Operating Temperature between -40 degree–90 degree Insolation Resistant, Anti-aging, and Suit for Steam Curing Better Performance than PVC, steel and bamboo wood Pallet
6 Erosion Resistant Resistance of most Acid, Alkali, and Salt Protect inner steel and bamboo against rust and mildew Better Performance than bamboo wood and steel Pallet
7 No Water Immersion Water Immersion Rate  <0.5% Protect inner bamboo(wood) board Better Performance than bamboo wood Pallet
8 Light Weight Density<1 Effort Saving and Friction Reducing Lighter than PVC and Steel Pallet
9 Life Span Life Span can reach 8 years theoretically Low Cost Better Performance than PVC and bamboo wood Pallet
10 High Performance High Performance and Low Cost Extremely Low Cost during long time using Better than all other material pallet
fiber brick pallet is a new popular product for brick machine auxiliary, its advantages like long life, water-resistant, temperature resistance, less weight, can not be replaced by traditional pallets; it is really good performance choice for user.


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