Black Glass Fiber Pallet BG-005

black glass fiber brick pallet is a more cost to performance pallet model among the GMT brick pallets

black glass fiber is same quality with white glass fiber, so the black glass fiber pallet quality is same with white glass fiber,

because the glass fiber is difficult to confirm its containing quantity from the pallet surface

so it is important to find a reliable supplier;


What is the advantage of black glass fiber brick pallet

1. Less weight than PVC brick pallet,

less density than pure GMT brick pallet, it is 1100 KG per cubic meters; so it is more friendly to the shipping cost;

High impact strength, it can reach 30KJ/m2

2.Good Rigidity

fiber brick pallet’s elastic modulus is 2.0-4.0GPa, while PVC sheets elastic modulus is only 2.0-2.9GPa.
Not Easily Deformed; the fiber brick pallet is as hard as stones, it is not easy to be deformed even during concrete block high frequency vibration.

 3.Waterproof: Water absorption rate <1%



5.Surface hardness shore: 76D.

100 minutes vibration with materials and pressure. Brick machine screw off, pallet is not destructed, surface wear is about 0.5mm.

 6.Anti-high And Low Temperature

Being used at minus 20 degrees, GMT pallet won’t deform or crack.

7.Fiber Brick pallet is able to withstand high temperature of 60-90ºC,

won’t easily deform, and suitable for steam curing, but PVC brick plate is easy to deform at high temperature of 60 degree

8.Long Service Life

due to its perfect performance, the fiber brick pallet life can be used more than 8 years, some can reach 10 years;


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