2200 pieces Glass fiber pallet for block machine shipped to Brazil

Mr. Andre is from Brazil, he contacted our company in July of 2023, now he is having two block machines in production , he want to find some new material brick pallet that can last than woods, but less expensive than steel plate, after our discussion during several months time, we finally made agreement on the Half Glass Fiber brick pallet, then we made the invoice to him; after their first deposit in November, then we arranged the production schedule, at the end of November , we finished the 2200 pieces of 720*540*25mm pallets, then delivery them in container by sea. we also give him more other sizes pallet samples, because he want to do some more business to resell these pallets locally;

We believe we will have a further cooperation in the coming future after he receive the gmt brick pallets;

ab944df699d0f19c3b05a32e541392c IMG_3857


YKGF9044 IMG_3861 IMG_3878 IMG_3880

If you are interested in this new GMT brick pallet, please contact my whatsapp +86 18954993585

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